Titans Season 1 Blu-ray Review & Comments


Watching this on Netflix at the moment and really enjoying it. It's different in many ways to other superhero fair to be quite refreshing. It's a crying shame it's not available in HDR though as it would really pop and look stunning (SDR still looks pretty good though).
@Casimir Harlow how would you say the BR stacks up against the Netflix stream (apologies if i missed this point in the review, but I couldn't see mention of a comparison of the image)


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Just recently binged the whole season and I am going to have to disagree with your rating Cas.....

This is unmissable IMO! Absolutely brilliant and has that darkness we don't get from the MCU :smashin:

I have never been into comics but it has always been my observation that the DC universe is a far more adult playground?

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