Titan Quest

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite' started by pbb76, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Despite the dubious reviews, I saw enough positive YT reviews and comments from people that had got it to decide to jump in.

    Also helped that I thought it was £40+ digitally, but was actually less than £30 (Norway I think), so made it a bit easier.

    Its actually really good fun. Can definitely see its origins in an old PC game and yea, it can be a bit janky at times, but overall I'm really enjoying something like this on the Switch.

    The combat controls take a bit of getting used to, but kind of make sense. You basically just hold down Y to attack whatever is closest (once you kill one thing, if you are still holding down Y, your character will run to the next closest and carry on attacking). If you move the left stick whilst holding down Y, you bring up a cone you can rotate around yourself to manually pick a new target.

    It sounded a bit naff and 'hands off', but in practice it works really well.

    Overall though, can absolutely recommend it for some loot grabbing ARPG action!

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