Tiscali swap to Redten - Any ideas how this happened?


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Feb 19, 2006
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If anyone can explain how the following scenario may have occurred, I would be most grateful.

Ordered Redten on 13/11/06 and requested MAC code from tiscali.
Received MAC code on 20/11/06, forwarded to Redten.
Received letter and Modem on 5/12/06, stating connection will be activated on 5/12/06. Nothing happens - my router still detects Tiscali. No email from Tiscali.
12/12/06 Spoke to Redten, who said that they're and BTs line surveys did not indicate that there was another broadband supplier on my line - therefore, they proceeded with a new connection without MAC code.

What I'm concerned about, is that if I ring Tiscali to cancel, I will end up with no broadband for 1-2 weeks. Any ideas what I can do?

If you do cancel you will be without BB for up to 14 days.

Sounds like Redten have messed up you can not request a new connection if there is already a BB provider on the line and them trying to say survey shows no provider is load of crap I have noticed companies tend to pass the blame to BT when it's there own fault.

I would try using your mac code at another provider if phone Redten up and complaining doesn't get it sorted.
Just To Follow up,

Redten finally got around to swapping me yesterday - well worth the wait.
I now have true 8.34 Mb/sec Broadband - wow!

Roll on the free PC.


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