Tips wrt Panny 4/5 models



I had a very interesting conversation about Panasonic Plasma buzzing with a panasonic engineer as I have been complaining about it quite a lot. He had 2 tips to give me. These are listed below :

1. The way they determine if a buzz is too loud is by standing 15 feet away from the screen and with normal talking volumes there should not be an audible buzz. Also you must face the screen straight on not in an angle (God know what happens if you have a sette at a side). He also said that mounting the panny incorrectly or putting it on a stand in a bay window or near walls can increase the echoing of the buzz. This makes it sound worse that it actually is. By the way there are no fans in any of the plasma screens and the buzz is due to the pixel driver boards circuitry

2. There is such a thing as image burn in. There are two type a permanent burn in about which nothing can be done and a temporary burn that can only be gotten rid of using the scroll bar for an hour or so. Image reversal works by burning the surrounding area but you need to reverse the exact image.

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