Question Tips on where to buy a second hand plasma, and what type


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Hi there

I have a 42" Panasonic TX-p42st30B. I just moved house and the Panasonic really looks small in my new living room. A friend bought a Samsung 50" 4K LED for £999 and I haven't been impressed with it. For me, plasma still gets my vote for the money (oled is out of budget for now)

I was looking for a second hand Pioneer 5090, or a 50" Panasonic, but wasn't sure if the members here had any tips on where to find them? Being in Belfast, eBay is tricky as most sellers in the U.K. are collection only, and there is an ocean in the way!

Any advice on where to get a second hand 5090 (or Panasonic) would be appreciated. If it's a Panasonic, any tips on the type for a 50"?

Thanks in advance


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Watch for various blobs pink, yellow, stripes etc. as a fair few models develop them.

On my 55VT50 I have had it repaired once a year ago for yellow blobs and I think I can see them now again :( Its 3 months out of its 5 year warranty ....

But my 50GT60 has been fine and having no fans is quiet.
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