Tips on using a Philips Sensor LED


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I've bought 3 LED Light bulbs with motion sensors. - (It says A60 FR, CRI80 on the packaging).

When I plug them in, before it gets dark, they light up momentarily. When it gets dark and the motion sensor detects motion, it lights up, for 1 min. as they should. - But my problem is that they all turn on automatically again, a few seconds after the 60 seconds.. And that is without any motion near them..

We've tried on different locations, in different lamps, but they all make the bulb turn on automatically. - So, to sum up.. They turn on, on motion, when it gets dark. - But after the 60 seconds, where it is supposed to turn off, and stay off until the next time it "sees" motion, it turns back on after a few seconds, by itself.

We tried with one bulb, to start with, but returned it as we figured that it was defective... - But the 2 others, that we got afterwards, does the exact same thing.

Does anyone have experience with this type of LED bulb?

Best reg. Kent.


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A60 is the shape of the bulb and CRI80 is to do with the light spectrum. I believe FR stands for Frosted in the Philips range.

Those sorts of things should be self-contained. Is it attached to a normal clicky switch or do the lamps have something more fancy (touch sensitive switch, dimmer, etc.)?


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Thanks for your quick reply.

There is no fancy equipment or switch connected to the bulbs. They have a continues voltage of 240 volt AC.

It would be logical to assume that they would work out of the box, without any tinkering..

Best reg,

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