Tips from E65 owners welcome!


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Bought an E65 yesterday and have had a few hours playing with it.

Based on reviews and opinion I was expecting a lot from it and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I've got a few questions/issues/thoughts though:

I have it linked to a Sky+ box, Yamaha amp and Panny PW6 plasma. Connections are Sky to E65 via high quality scart and optical, E65 to plasma via component and E65 to amp via optical. E65 is set to progressive. The thing is that the picture quality isn't quite as good as from the Panasonic S540 that the E65 is replacing. This is true for play of bought DVD films as well as rendition of SKY on passthrough (and recorded isn't that good even on XP. I'd read that I should find recording at high quality nearly as good as source. Probably unrealistic expectation though). Any thoughts what I could try to improve things? One thing I thought I'd do at the weekend is recalibrate with Avia.

The controls/instructions for the E65 aren't as intuitive as I'd have hoped. For instance I was struggling to do a partial erase (DVD RAM) and was finding it a chore to move between start and end points for the edit - having to wait for play to get there at normal speed. However, with trial and error I found that I could use time slip to jump to the point I wanted. This isn't mentioned as available/possible in the instructions. Does anyone have any other useful tricks they have found with this machine?

Lastly, I'm currently using "normal" DVD RAM disks. Has anyone used/recommend the caddy type instead? Also, any tips on the best places to buy DVD RAM and DVD-R blank disks? What about makes? I'm using Maxell. Should I use Panasonic?

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice you can offer.


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