Tips for planning and booking a trip to Disney, Florida

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Hi all, happy new year to everyone.

Does anyone have any tips for planning and booking a holiday to Disneyland, Florida? We are visiting family in Florida in mid-March so we are buying return flights (2 adults only) and staying with family for a week. We then plan to hire a car and go to Disneyland while we are there, probably for 5-7 days, not really sure how long to go for if I'm honest? Is it the sort of place adults would soon get bored of?

Also is it cheaper to just turn up at Disneyland and book a room and tickets when we are there or should we book something before leaving the UK?

Any tips appreciated, trying to save money and a whole lot of hassle. I've never booked a holiday in this way before, we normally go with a tour operator so any top tips appreciated.


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P.S. I went last year - booked everything through Expedia and got a pretty good deal (was c. £700 each for two adults - flights, hotel, car). Went to Universal studios - booked online the morning we were going. Spent two days there, had had enough by then :)


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i used TheDibb alot im registered over there, 2 Adults for 5-7 days shouldnt get bored, if you do a park a day thats 6 days and thats if you manage to. Downtown Disney is great and has fantastic entertainment.

we went for part of our honeymoon in May (did a cruise as well) and we only had 7 days and could only fit half of it in.

If you going to stay in a Disney Hotel it will always benefit from booking in advance (plus the car parking is free, otherwise its around $15 a day, and on selected days you get to go in a hour early or upto 3 hours later.) Another thing with this is if you book via a tour operator or they offer free dining on a Moderate Resort Hotel and throw in £150 spending Money.

Independant hotels/chais are good as well, we stayed in "Double Tree Hilton At Sea World" which around 35 mins away from disney but all hotels normally offer a free transfer, but they are selected might be 2-3 in the morning and 2-3 in the evening where as the disney hotels offer free transport between hotels/parks every 15 minutes.

Buy park tickets before you go, each park is around $80 a adult to get in, and many websites do deals specifically for UK residents, best option is to get a 7-14 day pass, this will allow you to move in and out the parks each day this is around £240 a person.

have you checked for public holidays in the UK and US because they can draw upto 4 times more people on a average day.

on thedibb check the "Busy Day Guide" its based on people visiting parks per day and in which month and shows you which parks will be busiest therefore ones to avoid.

at a rough guess of 2 adults going the 14th March-21st a "Moderate Hotel" - Coroando Springs With Park Tickets = £1200, this includes free quick service dining which you can use in all the parks (2 Meals & 2 Snacks a day for 7 days) + $150 spending money.

or a value resort minus the spending money and dining is around £860 inc park tickets staying at the All Star Resort.

that said if you dont mind the transfers from the parks ect.. give a try for hotel prices, they start from around £87 a person for a week stay
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Factor in that everything will cost more as the £ falls against the $.

In the last few months we have seen it fall from 1.65 to around 1.50.

With the US economy growing and the european economy stagnating\contracting the strength of the dollor is likely to increase further.

Maybe get back down to 1.3 which is what it was when I last visited in 2004.

To give you an idea if you had spent £2000 in Aug 11 then today you would have to spend £2,200, and £2500 in the future should the rate drop to near 1.3.



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