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    Here's a new thread for iPod users, offering hints and tips to get the best out of the devices.

    First tip is about troubleshooting an iPod that's not working correctly.
    There are several sites that give some help for iPod users, but the best place to start is probably Apple's own iPod support site:

    Apart from general help and advice, this is the site you should head to for software downloads for your iPod, as well as updates to iTunes.

    Apple Knowledgebase Documents
    Apple keeps an extremely wide range of information for users in the form of information documents you can access easily. Here's a few important ones for iPod users.

    If you think the iPod's just not working correctly, you could try the standard Reset feature:

    It may also be worth updating the iPod's software:

    If that doesn't work, try the Restore feature:

    It may also be worth updating your copy of iTunes:

    Actually, it's usually worth doing this regularly, as each new version of iTunes gives new features.

    If repair is your only option then you can click the Ipod Request service online link from the main iPod support site.

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