Tips for a DIY Sky+ installation

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Member 7321, Oct 15, 2001.

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    I bought myself a Sky+ box on Saturday (from my local Currys - I told them that becuase of where my dish was that Sky said that I would need a specialist installation that would not be covered in the normal £50 installtion fee and I could just go and buy a box and get it installed myself).

    I have plugged it all in, got my card married to the box and got my account upgraded to Sky+ and everything works fine.

    I am now up to the stage of putting up my new quad LNB on my dish and running the new length of cable down so I can do all the other nice bits other than just pausing live TV.

    Are there any pointers that you could give me for putting up the new LNB or is it really just as easy as un-screw the old one and screw in the new one. I have put up analogue dishes in the past (and a couple of motorised systems with H-H mounts) but that was many years ago.



    PS. My box seems to run virtually silent - lucky or what !
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    Just make sure that you use the correct plastic adaptor for the LNB bracket. On my first attempt I got it wrong, and the LNB was too far out on the arm - this caused poor signal strength and quality (I guess the LNB wasn't at the 'focus' point of the dish). Changing it for the other adaptor caused me a huge amount of grief, as I had to get theother out without snaping the LNB arm! :eek:

    I'd advise that you put each adaptor on the LNB and eye up the distance it would be at if you attached it to the dish arm. If it the same as theoriginal LNB, you've got the right one for your dish.

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