Tip for those planning to use a TV as a PC monitor


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When connecting to the PC graphics output via HDMI you may well find that text in MS Windows looks very poor and "blocky". I had this problem and it appears to be a result of the way the TV processes the picture for HDMI inputs. The solution is simply to go into the TV's settings menu rename that particular HDMI input to PC (it's usually a case of picking one of the options) and that solves the problem.

The problem does not occur with VGA or DVI connections.

There is also an issue with Nvidia graphics cards limiting the colour and contrast when outputting via HDMI and this is resolved by going into the Nvidia settings for screen resolution and setting up a custom setting with a different refresh rate.


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No new tv's come with dvi, do you mean use the gpu dvi output to hdmi input on tv with a dvi to hdmi lead, also on tv you cant change refresh rates, so doing that in nvidia control panel wont help, just use the dedicated hdmi pc input that all new tv's come with.

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