Timmy Two Subs?!? Or Wanni One Sub?!?


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I have the Kef PSW2500 just how I want it now, but am intrigued by what would happen if I added the old Eltax to the mix.

The Eltax has good range, but it does boom a bit, it has 175watts to play with and a 10" downfiring front ported layout.

I bought a splitter last night, and am going to hook up the Eltax sub as well, just to see what it sounds like. Going to set the crossover very low.

Apart from a bit of boom, the Eltax sub wasn't all bad, terrible with music though, so will switch it off for CD's. I'm thinking that I might place the Sub at the other end of the room (25ft length and 13ft wide).

What would be the best way to go about it? Or shouldn't I bother?

Advice please :lease: . And should I set the Eltax to a 180 degree phase?


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Hi Kazman
I have used my old sub, a Yamaha 105 with my KEF 2500 and it works great. Had to set the phase at 180, I had both subs at front also try placing some heavy weights on top of KEF this also helps


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Other people have found that having a sub at the front and a sub to the rear helps with room equalization. However, two subs are a lot more difficult to setup and I feel if your cheap eltax sub would probably be better left out of the equasion.
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