Timeshift *New & Redesigned* Preview Thread


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Anybody remember this game? There was a demo (a :censored: one) a while back and it disappeared, but like the Terminator its back bigger and badder with Unreal engine eye candy!

We were seven bugs away from shipping," comments Kyle Peschel, producer for TimeShift. Peschel believes that the nearly-released version of TimeShift was a very solid game, while the suits at Sierra looked at the game and, perhaps, saw potential. Rather than release it, Sierra asked Peschel and his team to take an extra year to build a better game on top of the foundation that was the 2006 version. To that end, not only did the development team add another layer of general polish (as somewhat expected), they completely revamped TimeShift's core concept, graphics technology, and feel.

The first thing we noticed is that TimeShift no longer looks like a later-gen Xbox title. The extra year allowed for additions of Shader 3, better lighting and mapping, and more complex models. Soldiers with 2500 polys were scrapped in favor of five-million poly models. The look has changed along with the tech; instead of a steampunk universe (which was niche in its appeal), the new game sports a darker, grittier tone (a la Gears of War's "destroyed beauty" or the dystopic streets of Half-Life 2's City 17).

Link to the rest of the new preview.


Check out the screens some new ones for April 2007 which show how much its changed, scoll back to the 2006 ones and see what it used to look like, its like night and day:eek:

Lets just hope it plays as well as it looks.


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Nice new video trailer for this popping up, on gamevideoes.com seach for timeshift and view the "slowdown" video.

All CG mind but looks nice anyway :)


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When is this due out?

No date as of yet im afraid, best i can find is Q3/4 2007 which looks like its going to be very crowded indeed! :rolleyes:

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