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Feb 8, 2004
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i have no problem with ulead editing in a story board mode i can pick a scene and delete , add transisitions etc . i then use adobe encore to encode and burn . my problem is i have adobe prem pro 7 and i have not got a clue on how to use a time line can anyone point me in the right direction on how to use a timeline in editing . the adobe tutorial books are to baffling any help would be appreciated . thanks
Hi den9112 and welcome to the forum!

I use Premiere 6 but don't know everything about it as I'm still learning to use it nearly 2 years on! This is the basic steps that I use in A/B timeline editing:

Import the clips into the 'Bin(s)'
Drag a clip from the bin onto timeline 'A'
Double click on clip on timeline to view it in a monitor window.
Edit the in & out points for that clip as required
Close the monitor window after saving any changes to the clip.
Drag the next clip onto timeline 'B'
Edit new clip as above
Drag cli0p 2 to line up with end of clip one and they will play from one directly into the next.
Overlap the 2 clips by a couple of seconds and then drag a transition into the transition line of the timeline. Cips will play and use transition between them.
Third clip is then dragged onto timeline 'A' and so on.
Premiere will automatically add the associated audio track to the timeline with each video clip.
Transitions will need to be Rendered before you can view them in the monitor window unless your PC/capture device has 'real time' capabilities.

Hope this helps to get you started.


p.s. lesson 1 has a special introductory cost of a pint of Guiness. Each additional lesson is 2 pints :D
Hello den9112

Timeline editing is very similar to storyboard editing in that you drag and drop and trim etc but the timeline has the great advantage of showing all the elements of your video in relation to each other, for example if you want to add a sound effect you can position it frame accurate in a timeline, if you have some music or narration you can position these at will, also titles and overlays can be exactly where you want them usually to one frame accurate. it gives you a much better overall view of your project.

ps I don't like Guinness but a pint of London Pride works for me.
ps I don't like Guinness but a pint of London Pride works for me.
Hey if it's available you'll get no complaints from me! :smashin:


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