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Time to upgrade


Novice Member
Looking for guidance... obviously.
I've spent the past 2 months hooked on flying a 2nd hand £30 RC drone, literally every full charge and I'm back out and the windier the better.
The drone has been a brilliant training tool and as such has suffered many walls, trees and the occasional rugby post and is nearing its end.

I want to take the next step and buy up to the £400 mark.
Whilst I love challenging flights i.e. high wind I intend to buy a 2nd cheap drone for fun flights and use the main drone for sensible missions
I've watched countless comparison videos and I'm steering towards a 2nd hand Phantom or maybe Spark although I'm sure there are many other good brand out there that I never heard of.
I don't intend doing anything special with the video other than interesting shoots etc.

I'm also lucky enough to live between 3 airports yet still have a huge area of unrestricted airspace (airmap) and open ground to explore.

So I would like to ask a few questions:
1.Drone recommendation for my budget?
2. Airmap shows EGCC Manchester covering a HUGE area as controlled. Does that mean autherised flights only? (I have looked but explanations are vague)
3. Insurance for the drone but also 3rd party. God forbid things go past shaped.

Any advice welcome



Established Member
I would say the DJI SPark - it falls within budget and I believe if you buy new, you can get DJI Aftercare for it.


Distinguished Member
The restricted areas around airports have increased recently. If you’re within 2.5NM of one you’re not allowed to fly, in fact if you buy a DJI it’ll likely be unable to take off without unlocking.

The restriction also extends out further in the approach and take off areas. Check out NATS drone assist for information.

Regarding the upgrade, I’d look at used Phantom. You might even get a Phantom 4 for that budget. Amazing bit of kit.

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