Question Time to upgrade my audio, but not sure where to start...


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I just bought a new TV, and I was flabbergasted to discover that whether using the SPDIF or the 3.5 headphone jack I couldn't control the volume. The tv remote only controls the volume of the built in speakers.

My audio is just a pretty cheap analog logitech 5.1. It was fine for the most part, but if I'm upgrading it would be nice to -actually- upgrade, and not just pay to have it remote controlled.

I'm really just looking for a remote controlled 5.1. The tv has all sorts of options for talking to digital devices, but for the most part I use my Xbox One anyway which has an IR blaster to control the volume, so I'm sure it doesn't need to be anything fancy. However if it could be guaranteed to just -work- on my TV's volume up/down control, that would be a big plus.

As for speakers, I have my current 5.1 set which I could plug in (phono). I'm unsure if I could use the subwoofer though, since it is the base unit.

I suppose ideally if I could get a digital receiver with a decent set of speakers that would make my life much easier, and I could move the current set to the man cave for use with the PC.

So... what's my price range? Well considering my current set cost me like £70, and I'd still be using them if it weren't for this pesky new tv's volume settings... then ideally my budget is 'not very much' -- buuuuut... it is an upgrade after all, and if crisp responsive surround means I no longer need my headset for a solid 3d sound experience when playing online games then I guess I could be convinced to go up to about £300.

Is there anything out there that fits those needs and matches that budget, that isn't going to leave me with a foul taste in my mouth like my new tv has?

Thanks in advance!

FYI my tv is a Philips 50PUT6400

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