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Time to Upgrade from Mission FSAV2?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by banjo21, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. banjo21

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    Oct 3, 2004
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    My set-up is as per signature having got a PW7 a few months back as a result of stumbling upon this forum and discovering how much plasmas have come on in past few years,

    The things is as with many around here I now want to continue to squeeze more out of my mini home cinema. I am by no means looking for anything other than budget kit (~£500) but wondered if in the last 4/5 years things have moved on somewhat to make replacing my FSAV2 and even Sony 1070 amp with a new set of speakers and possibly 7.1 amp really worth the outlay.

    Whats the thinking before I get to a short-list and go do some questioning here and listening elsewhere? Are there much better set ups to be had for say £500 for speakers and £300 amp which will make a real obvious improvement over what I have? I'd be interested to know what distinct advantage a new speaker set up may have.
    (PS. Mission have offered another couple of FS2 panels for £200 to get me to 7.1 - but if I can get a good 6.1 for say £500 and its better then I'd rather go that way).

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