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Time to update Sony DA3500ES.


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I put my current system together a good few years ago. I currently have the Sony DA3500ES and a 7.1 System comprising of Monitor Audio BX2 as L and R, a BX centre and four bronze BX-FX surrounds for the side and rear channels. My sub is a little mordant short 308.
The amp is well capable and has served me well over the last 4 or so years. I would like to move on to an amp with all the latest connectivity offered by internet, dnla,wireless and Bluetooth etc.
Whilst wanting the new add on's I want to maintain the sound quality I have become used to.
Being as I have had my eye off the ball for a few years, I would welcome opinions of what current AV amps will match or enhance the 3500es.
I appreciate that the cost is everything, I originally picked up the 3500es for £250 as an end of line, ex-demo model. Looking for the best value for £350-400 really. Happy to look at out going models for best value.
Any ideas are very welcome.


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If you can stretch your budget you won't go wrong with the Denon AVR-X2200W at £500 you can get get it for less if you ask instore at RS, if you wish to spend the same sort of money then take a look at this yamaha. Yamaha RX-V379 review | What Hi-Fi?


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Cheers Simon
I think I got the amp at a good price at the time. I am conscious of not wanting to lower the sound quality just to get new tech. I will check out the denon and Yamaha.


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SONY STR-DN860 is a decent amp as well at approx £350-£400. Lots of connectivity, plus HDCP2.2 and HDMI 2.0 for [email protected]


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For what its worth I very recently just went from the Sony 3200es to a Yamaha 2050 and whilst I know the Rx a2050 aint a budget amp I was completely blown away by music reproduction compared to what I had been used too and I have to say what I was previously very happy with. The upgrade was immediately obvious on music and as for movies the bass management is a whole heap stronger with better steering of sounds from speaker to speaker.
Obviously the FUTURE is now upon us with all this HDCP 2.2 and 4k this that an tother so I was absolutely convinced now was the time to modernise my amp. You know your going to have to take the plunge but you need to decide whether you want to Future proof with the HDCP stuff or whether you can live with another outgoing model. With advent of DTS X and Atmos there are loads of good amps going cheap as out going models and I would suggest just ringing dealers would definitely reap benefits if that's your way forward or The Denon 2200 could be a solution though I think you will notice quite a drop in build quality compared to your Sony. I am assuming the 3500 is like my 3200 with a 17kg weight, heavy solid dials loads of legacy connects, none of which will be found on the modern budget receivers.
You pays ya money and takes ya choices !!


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Thanks for the reply. You pretty much summed up my thoughts and concerns. It seems like to he right thing to move forward with all the new tech, but I'm do not want to compromise on the basic quality of sound.
The Sony is a big heavy beast, and a weighty amp always gave you an insight into quality.
As you say you pay the money and you make your choices.
I think a visit to a dealers is in order, I really have no idea how the sound of the 3500 will compare to the latest generation of amps. Will I have to stick at the £500 -600 amps or has the quality improved over the last 5 years that would now make my 3500 merge into the £200 starter amps?


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Personally I think you would be disappointed with the starter amps after your Sony the ES amps were and are good quality and you just happened to buy one very cheaply. To maintain the quality your used too I think a 5 to 600 squid mark is probably called for


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Yes I agree, I like the idea of all the new connectivity. I will look around that £500 price point. I cannot justify spending more on an amp. Was told once that as a rule of thumb that the cost of the amp should be about a third of the cost of the speakers approximately. Other wise either the speakers or the amp were under performing. I assume that still holds fairly valid.

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