Question Time to shop for a new sub?

Mr. Mer

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Hi all

I'm well aware things move on in home electronics at an alarming rate and it's hard to keep up technologically let alone financially! For this reason I try to buy the best I can afford and hang onto it as long as possible. However, I'm looking for advice regarding potentially adding a new sub to my set up and would appreciate any input from all you experienced AV fans.

My set-up is based on legacy kit that still serves me well enough and I have no budget or plans to replace any of it for now.

I'm currently running a load of pre-owned gear including a Tag AV32r DP processor and Tag amplification fed by Sky HD and blu-ray. Kef 1st gen Reference Model two-twos with Reference Model 200c centre and TDM 34DS surrounds.

My sub is a REL Storm III that started to make a humming noise this week after many years of sterling service. I've dropped REL a line about a possible fix but aware it may be time to move on...

Would anyone have recommendations based on the above info. I'm looking for a little more punch and have a listening room about that's approx 6.8m x 3.9m I'm detached so Neighbour complaints aren't really a problem but I hate 'boom' so want a tight controlled bass sound.

Let's go with £1k max budget.

What do you guys n' gals think?

Look forward to your replies


Mr. Mer


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Get dual BK subwoofers. They used to make Rel subwoofers and a pair will be a good upgrade and give you a sound similar to what you've been used to.

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