time to choose ... which lcd .. buying TODAY!!


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Hiya all.

As above... i can get both tv's for around the same price (almost to the penny).

I have seen both up and running and i really cannot decide between the 2.

so i thought i'd let you guru's make the choice for me...

the black's do look better on the sharp from what i can see...

I am leaning more towards the sharp as they have focused all of the time and resources on lcd's where as samsung make all differant kinds of tv's... it seems sharp are lcd specialists ... it might come down to which has better sound.

really unsure... please help me out ohh guru's of lcd wizdom :clap:


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It may have been that the Samsung didn't have the "brightness sensor" enabled, which lowers the backlight to give the best blacks based on the ambient light in the room.

The sharp is their new "PAL Optimized" sets, which are good for standard television broadcasts and DVDs, but nothing else really. They'll have to downsample HD content to display. (but downsampling looks better than upsampling, it's just not as good as playing HD stuff natively)

If your primary use for the TV is normal television and DVDs, and you don't plan on getting HD any time soon, the sharp is the better set.

If you're planning on getting HD soon (HD-DVDs / BluRay next year, next generation games consoles, SkyHD) then the Samsung is a better choice.

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I'll second that!

If you intend buying an Xbox 360 or a PS3 then the Sharp LCD will not display 720p without downsampling as it only has a resolution of 960x540 compared with the 1366x768 of the Samsung LCD.

Doctor Hades

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Regarding the blacks, the Samsung TV has a Dynamic Contrast setting which gives a simulated ratio of 3000:1 compared with the normal 800:1. This boosts blacks immensely and is great for watching movies in a dark room although it can be a little too harsh and cause loss of detail in shadow areas. Still it's a nice feature and you can turn it on and off as you like. :smashin:

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