Time to bite the bullet


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I've done my research, mostly via information and links on this forum and decided to go for the Canon 350D.

I was intending to go for the standard pack that includes Canon's own 18 - 55mm lens, but i keep seeing references to the Sigma lens. is the extra price worth getting the Sigma, or is the standard Canon one a good lens?

If I go for the Canon lens is i'm likely to buy it here:


The alternative is to compromise on the bag, pay a little more, add the 1gb CF and get the one with the Sigma 18-50mm + 55-200mm lens from here:


Has anyone had any dealings with camerabox or equipmentexpress?




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The Sigma 18-50mm lens is pretty poor, it's best avoided. I had that and the 55-200 (which was passable for such a cheap lens).

I'd go with just the kit lens, then get saving.
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