Question Time-lapse over 2 weeks best camera tethered indoor?


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A slight diversion on how this time lapse works - am I correct?

If you want a 5 minute time lapse video at 25 fps then you need to take 7500 frames (5x60x25). Then if your real timescale is 10 days work over 8 hours per day then you need a shot every 0.64 minutes (10x8x60/7500).

So, if you have a dslr then you can just set up the aperture, ISO and shutter in manual mode, tape up the zoom/focus (manual), attach a cheap interval timer cable release, set it take a picture every 30s and off you go.

VILTROX MC-C1 Digital LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote: Camera & Photo

This one allows you to set the interval (30s) and take up to 389 pictures in one go before you have to reset and go again (every 3 1/4 hours).

Number of pictures that can be stored on a memory device

According to the link above, you can get 7500 jpgs on a 64gb card but will need 10 of them for raw.

So, finally you then take your 7500 photos and in software convert them into a movie (probably an overnight job).

So, if my logic is correct, you does not need to be tethered to a pc whilst taking the photos.

You can also get battery packs for dslrs that have the interval timer built in which may be a way of going through a days shooting without the need to be plugged into the mains.

Like this, but not managed to find one for the 1300d.

Meike Pro LCD Timer Battery Grip w/ IR Remote for Canon EOS 700D 650D 600D 550D | eBay

Going back to the op requirement, 1.4m stand off for a 1mx1m area will need a 20mm lens on a canon APSC camera.

Depth of Field, Angle & Field of View, & Equivalent Lens Calculator - Points in Focus Photography

The 24mm pancake is a good shout but will have to move the camera a bit further back. Note the shorter focal length prime lenses do have a bit of barrel distortion that you may want to correct (dxo free software link in another thread ?) plus still has a bit af vignette at the max sharpness aperture at f4.0 again correctable.

Canon EF-S 24 mm f/2.8 STM review - Distortion -
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Thank you everyone for your posts, very helpful. 12harry, yes I will post the finished movie. I will show you my setup on Monday before I start. I'm away today but those last information posts from Ugg10, noiseboy72 and newbie1, i'll read up on. Cheers!


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Just another thought, I doubt very many (if any) video editors will accept RAW camera files. I am sure that some camera specific tools can make movies from Raw files, but I don't have any specifics.


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Ugg10, spot on with the 20mm, I'm using 18mm on the zoom lens that came with the camera. The good news is that's the extent of the lens coming out at it's "loosest" so won't get lens creep I think? I should be able to then batch crop the set of photos to the frame.

All set up now, my studio (garage) is painting in progress lol.


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Wow! Fantastic work :thumbsup:


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It looks very Pro - is this a commercial?

Thankyou for the insight - nice work, - although I'd like to have seen the Top-=Right starting position in close-up, then widening to the full image as it progresses. This can be done in Edit, there being no need to change the camera ( and somewhat tedious ).
+ Can you say which Software you are using?

Reading back I note that some contributors are suggesting RAW for quality, but I don't think this is necessary - but may depend on the final ( ie presentation) viewing. IMHO modest-size jpegs should be enough since HD only needs 2Mpx per frame - although more is handy if you wish to Pan/Crop. For a CU of en extreme view, ( Say the first nail ?), you would be advised to pan-zoom the camera on a suitable tripod-head then move it to the straight-ahead position. Taking several settings should G'tee the sequence can be found to be "Right-Smooth" - Movies are all about showing folks something the audience can't see for themselves; - hence the use of "cutaways" e.g. when the Hero looks at their watch, etc.

Still frames:
If you Import a string of Stills into a Video Editor, it creates frames large enough to see in preview. Then, depending on whether you Crop/Pan it takes the pixels it needs from the source ( when you Render ).
I use Sony's Panorama feature to create an extreme wide view (wider than fish-eye, but with no distortion ( or cost) - the snag being it take 2-3 seconds, so things can move ). Then I can zoom-into the still, or pan the whole - it's like panning with a movie camera, except in a Stills-Editor I can retouch prior.

Good luck.....


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Thank you newbie1 and 12harry, "very Pro" :)
I like the idea of a close up start and opening out. The client Nissan USA loved it and it has nearly 400k views on Facebook.
Here is a link to my Facebook page with images of the finished artwork... David Foster Art


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