time is ticking, i need guidance!!


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hello everybody and just a premature thank you for any advice, in advance..
I am due to move into a new house in a couple of weeks and have been given the go ahead (from her in doors) to grab myself a new tv...yipee!!

I've decided to budget between £1600 and £2000 but no more. I've done a little research but not much hence the thread. initially i like the look of the LG42PX5D seen in currys at £1799. Alongside this there was an LCD Tv a PHILLIPS 42PF5421 at £1499. I'm aware there's lots of pro's and cons over LCD and plasma and that the ultimate choice is just pesonal preference but please can u confirm this.

I'm also looking for a surround sound and hoping to incorporate this into my budget.

Whilst in currys i really liked the look of the LG LHT550TB home cinema system.. i really like the tall,thin design of the speakers. Priced at £229
After looking at many threads on here it appears that in my price range the panasonics seem to be the overall best performers e.g px60 or 600. just another note but i like the idea of a black surround on the tv.

So... to conclude (thank christ i hear you say)
would i be sensible to get the panasonix thpx60 with the LG home cinema system or could you advise on a better combination considering what i'm looking for.

thank you anyone for any help its much appreciated.:lease:


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if you are looking at a proper "surround sound" system then forget the "telly" plasmas - you should be looking at the panel-only models. Problem is that you won't find them in the High Street retailers. There are a number of retailers here on the forum that can supply what you need.


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LG42PX5D is an older model and is now replaced by LG 42PC1D:

As for LG LHT550TB home cinema system-keep in mind that this one don't have any digital audio inputs (coax or optical).
This might be a problem if you want to connect Xbox 360, HD DVD, Blu- Ray, PS3, Sky HD etc. for 5.1 DD,DTS sound in the near feature.


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hi stainway.. thaks for the reply.
didn't re-alise that the px5d had been replaced. Is there a lot of difference between that and the new one coz aesthetically i think i prefer the px5d. i just like the idea of all black without the silver speaker at the bottom.
As for the home cinema i will be wanting to hook up my x box 360 to it so that one will be out. can u recommend another of similar design.
am i best buying seperate speakers, dvd player etc. i wanna keep in a 2000 budget bearing in mind.

just checked out a pic of ur set-up by the way. looks awesome..

thanks for your help


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