Time for hi-def!But which one?????


Hello everyone,

well after some sitting on the fence,have decided to go over the hedge and upgrade from my sim2 ht200dm to a nice new,shiny hi-def ready......er dunno!:eek:

Was thinking about the 72i,in76 etc....then looked at nexnix who recommended a sharp xzv2000,avs in the states everyone rates the mitsi hc3000.Getting totally confused:confused:

The throw of the new toy will be about 14-15 foot from the screen if this makes any difference?

Thanks in advance people....


It all depends on budget.

i know a site where the Screenplay 777 is on sale for £5500 - three chip projector - fantastic!!!!!

personally im after the SP7210 - more my budget at £1700


saw the 7210 on flebay for 1029 soon went though!

that is the sort of budget I had in mind!

Just saw a projectiondesign model one mark 2 at ivojo,any kop?


I did see that but wooried about ebay for such a big amount.(he says but considers putting old pj on ebay! ho-hum...)


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If you can find a good deal for optoma 79 or infocus 7210 go for it.

I thing that even with 72i or 76 you will be happy ,just get some HD to
feed them ;)


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the 7205 can be had with 3 year gold warranties included from around £1200-1400 atm....from what i understand there isnt a massive difference between the 7205 and 7210 in real world performance......at least not in a general use living room/bedroom situation (i havnt seen both myself, just recalling what some people i'm come across have said, own a 7205 and watching HD stuff on it is lubberly...cant wait to get a proper HD-DVD player or Sky HD with BBC HD...heh)


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well, the specs on the Infocus website say HDCP compliant....lol....as much as i love my local branch of 7oaks, i think i'd be willing to trust the manufacturer a bit more.....(your branch may contain naughty salespeople who want to sell you something they get bigger commision on....i'd hope not, but life isnt always pretty)

when in doubt, email Infocus, or better still, put a thread in the HD-DVD/BRD and Sky HD forums asking if anyone has problems with a 7205......

i wish i had Sky HD so i could tell you.....lend me £300 to buy the box and i will?...lol


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thinking about it, i'm sure my Denon 3910 DVD player's HDMI output has to be connected to HDCP compliant device to work....and it worked fine on my 7205.....so i doubt there will be a problem...


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Jammyb said:
Just an update, I notice that he accepted an offer of £780 on this :eek:

He's got another one exactly the same now, god knows where they're coming from.

Hmm, great price and you cant fault his feedback.

I thought for a mo they might be the returned US firmware updated models. In the US they were swapping out - but they dont have Faroudja !

If I didnt have one already I'd be tempted ! :)

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