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Mar 28, 2006
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Hi all

It seems you can get a good selection of network enabled receivers these days and id like to future proof a bit as im looking at moving out in the next 6 months so i wont have money then! I think its possibly worth going with a 3D compatible however i dont have 3D compatible TV at the moment. Im not sure what you guys think or is it not really worth it?

Ive got an Onkyo TX-SR605 at the moment and it does a great job but no longer has enough in puts for what i need. Preferably looking for a 7.1 amp incase down the line i decide to go that route. Budget wise between £300 and £400 depending on how much i could sell the TX-SR605 for. If anyone has any ideas what those fetch these days let me know!

Thanks :smashin:
Most AV Receivers are 3D compatible these days, so no worries there Then the more you pay gets you more audio power output, network connectivity, Airplay and better video upscaling. Even at £349 you can get the Denon AVR-1912 which includes all of the features above. I recommend this model to you.
If you can stretch your budget you can pick up an Onkyo 609 for £440 :thumbsup:

Regards, Jonathan
Is there a Onkyo amp with AirPlay and spotify built in for around the £300 mark? Would be handy as I already have a spotify premium subscription.
Onkyo doesn't have Airplay certification.
Well the rest of my set-up is posted in my sig but I want to change my rears to something smaller.
I wouldn't dismiss the 609. It may be slightly more expensive, but I feel it would be worth saving up for. You'll be used to the menu system and setup, and it'll drive your Missions well. Spotify will be available via an iPhone/iPod plugged into the USB connection.

As for smaller rears, it depends how much smaller. There's the Monitor Audio Radius R45's, but I'd be inclined to stick with what you have, if you can.
Thanks mate. Im not sure yet what to do, i have to say as with most brands i buy im usually a pretty loyal customer. Ive had a few Dell screens and have always been happy with them so i will most likely buy another Dell when the time comes. Same with the Onkyo, it was my first amp and im still chuffed with it and as you say i know how the menu's work and i know what quality to expect so id rather stick with Onkyo. Any chance of the price dropping on the 609 when they bring something else out or would they just discontinue it?

As for the rear speakers the ones you linked are about the size im looking for tbh (waaay over budget though). I don't really want to sell my current ones but i just cant fit them in my room at the moment and im missing out on surround :( I may hold off on making a decision as we may have a new place to move to in the new year and then il deffo keep them.

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