Time for a whole new setup! Floorplans and clueless!


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May 30, 2009
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I'm due to start decorating my living room which fortunatly for me includes a kit refresh :thumbsup: I have a good few problems I need to address though hence the thread!

I'll start with my current ageing setup!

AV Receiver - Pioneer VSX-D510
Fronts - Eltax Liberty 5+ Floorstanders
Centre - Eltax HT-2 Center
Rears - Gale Sat 10
Sub -Awia TS-W37

Firstly I have to say regardless of quality the gear has done me well... that said the terrible little sub has never really been on.

After going around in circles i'm considering one of the following amps, as far as I'm aware they're all pretty much spec'd equally. It'll be hooked up to DVD/BR, Sky+, Wii and Xbox 360.


One of the reasons for upgrading is to tidy things up as well as to get better gear, the floorstanders take up some serious space... and not mentioning any names.. are considered a bit of an eye sore :rolleyes:!

Which brings me to my first problem, to downsize the speakers or not? I have one major concern about going for a sub sat package as I live in a semi. Recently the house we're attached to has played host to a bit of home cinema kit which we've assumed was a sub sat system.... needless to say the noise was seriously doing my head in!! Couldn't hear anything but low end making watching TV impossible some nights although I assume the walls aren't actually that bad because all you could hear was low end. I don't want to drop £500 on a speaker package and find I can't use it hence the worry! I do listen to music but not as much in the living room, great stereo sound would be a brilliant bonus though.

Layout wise I currently have my 37" Panasonic in the top left corner, with it being next to a window and radiator it's difficult to place the floorstander in a decent position so its half way down the left wall tilted toward the couch.... needless to say i'm open to rearranging the whole room.

Any suggestions are welcome! Am I starting out correctly picking one of the above amps? Total budget would ideally be between £550 and £750, I can't see going any higher would be a good idea with the room I have! It also leaves me with a few hundred to buy a blu-ray with.


EDIT - Meant to say that I can only really move item D as thats the sofa!

A - Window
B - Door
C - Fireplace (with is sadly far too high for putting my tv :()
D - Sofa
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I'd buy either the sony 2400es or the denon 1910 then get 2 pairs of decent used floorstanders. My mate has just moved into a semi and uses 2 pairs of floorstanders without a sub. There is still decent bass, but it's not overwhelming and it's neighbour friendly.
Then I'd go round and see the neighbour and tell them you're concerned about being a nuisance and get them to tell you when they can hear your system as you slowly increase the volume. Then you know the level at which you can be relaxed while watching films.
Thanks swiftpete I can consider one pair of floor standers but 2 is out of the question I'm afraid.

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