Question Time for a new gaming mouse - recommendations?


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Hi all,

I've been rocking a Razer Deathadder 3.5G for about a decade now. Great mouse.

My original bit the dust last year, I replaced it with a good condition used one I got off of eBay - but now this is having problems with the right click and I figure I could use an upgrade.

I have no idea what to get - as I've not looked at mice in a decade - but I know I'd like a few mouse buttons to assign to stuff (I have my current setup as the two side buttons being Up + Down DPI stages)

I currently play at 2700/2100 DPI or lower - so I don't need any mad sensitivity. Main games I play are FPS.

What I want:
  • Comfortable and high quality
  • Well weighted (can't stand super light mice) - adjustable / removable weights maybe
  • Wireless is an advantage - but not essential
  • At least 4 mouse buttons
  • Decent software
  • Not Razer
  • <£100
  • White would be cool - only as I have a white glass desk & PC case - but that's picky!
I say not Razer, as I got one of their new Deathadders way back when they had the 90% off glitch, hated it, now the other half has it on her machine. There are so many options out there now too!

Can anyone point (pun not intended) me in the right direction? :)

Thank you!
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