Time for a leap of faith and join the Z2 fraternity


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I've got fed up with listening to salesmen trying to sell me £4000 DLPs or last decades Epsons. I've not found a Z2 or AE500 to demo nearby, but know the AE500 will be a pain to position, so I've pretty much got a Hobsons Choice anyway

I've now got to the "Oh s*d it" stage.

So, having never seen one in action, I'm going to order a Z2 in the morning!



Originally posted by Yandros
So, having never seen one in action, I'm going to order a Z2 in the morning!
Best of luck with it :smashin:

BTW, Buns has one for sale in the hardware classifieds here - may be of interest.



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Thanks for the link. That's a good price too! I'm kinda mid way through the order with Ivojo though, and the GF might have kittens about a private purchase (absolutely no offence intended Buns if you're reading this!), so I think I'll pass.


none taken! She might have more kittens to hear you passed up the potential saving..... best not tell her ;) ivojo are a great company and the Z2 is a great machine. Enjoy



Buns, I guess a new projector won out over the holiday!! :) Sorry to see you leaving the Z2 club – good luck with the new machine!

Yandros, don’t worry the Z2 is a great piece of kit (imo of course!)


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Order placed. Ken @ Ivojo as helpful as ever. Z2 turning up on Monday complete with pixel check :D

Now all I need is Mark to get back to me with some cables.

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