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    I've just bought a Panasonic mx350 camcorder that I am pleased with and have
    been able to transfer via a firewire card quite successfully: with one
    exception. When carrying out batch capture using Premiere 6.5, movie filmed
    over several days causes the programme to get confused and doesn't always
    capture all the clips. I think it is because the camera resets the time
    code every day and so there is the same time code on several clips.

    Have I got this wrong, or is there an answer to this time code resetting?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. MarkE19


    Aug 10, 2002
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    Rainham Essex
    The time code problem can be resolved by 'stripping' the tapes.
    This is putting a new tape into the camcorder and then recording to the full length of the tape. When you then rerecord over the tape the new video is recorded but the time code is not, giving a non-stop time code for the whole tape.
    This is a bit of a pain but is the only way.

  3. Duncan Craig

    Duncan Craig

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    Sorry Mark, but you're wrong.

    When recording on any video camera it will always assemble edit over the tape, this will replace the entire video signal, including sync pulses and timecode as well as audio and video.

    This includes analogue and digital kit.

    Because of this, 'striping' or 'blacking' the tape won't give you continuous timecode, the camera would pick up the old code and rewrite it, however it would have small jumps in the code at the end of the recordings.

    Also your advice results in halving the head life for the camera, it's total nonsense.

    The best advice is when finishing filming record for a couple of extra second before stopping (with the red record button, you know what I mean). If you view the footage back, don't let it run off the end of the previous recording, or if the battery is changed, rewind the tape a few seconds first. The camera will pick up the timecode on tape from the previous recording and continue it.

    So, do not stripe tapes it's a waste of time and effort, when MiniDV tapes and heads are so fragile.

    I shoot pro DV every day now (VX2000), and never get problems by following these simple rules.

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