Tiger Woods' Swing


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If you've not seen this http://www.nike.com/nikegolf/swingportrait/ it's worth checking out.

You can see why he's number one. The photography is amazing but his swing is just jaw-dropping.

I shudder to think what my swing would look like if photographed in the same way! :rotfl:


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Thanks for the link.

Awesome photography - but I don't think its the most beautiful swing I've ever seen (have to go with the old Sevvy for that) but its definitely the most ruthlessly efficient.


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It's the total stillness of his head and body that is just astonishing. His head barely moves. Incredible. I'd love to see some other players swings recorded like that too.

If you click on "Podcast" there's a side on view which is pretty cool too.

If I had to pick a swing I like to watch, it'd either be Monty or Ernie Els. So rhythmic and smooth. As you say, Tiger's is ruthlessly efficient.


Just like me on the swingcam :D No soundtrack with that though

Wow that's fantastic.

Get the feeling he was on the Silent Hill course there though - creepy.


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Ernie or Phil Mickleson... effortless and so rythmic.... I wonder what big Ern' would do if he ever actually got agressive on the ball!


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Got to agree on Big Ernies swing. So effortless it seems:smashin:

Used to like Freddie Couples swing as well.


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chrisw said:
I wonder what big Ern' would do if he ever actually got agressive on the ball!
His drive down 18 at the Emirates in Desert Classic this Feb was awesome. He launched into it and hit a massive draw leaving him a 6 iron to the green.

To put it in perspective, there used to be a plaque on the fairway from where Monty knocked a driver on in 2!


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I dont know if anyone saw it? but there was an episode of playing lessons from the pros on the golf channel earlier this year.Featuring two previous long driving champions.Now that was amazing.One of them was jason zubeck[sp] he has won the title six times i think and his technique was all power.The other guy used to pitch base ball and he was all hand speed.They were both CARRYING the ball nearly 400 yards.To give you an idea,one of them hit a drive and a wedge to a 600 yard hole but the reason ,perhaps they are not on the tour.He missed the green with the wedge.Amazing program to watch especially if you think you hit the ball a long way.


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Thats a cracking video.

Watching Tiger perform over the last few months since he missed the cut at the US open has been amazing. He has been a tad up and down the last year or so so it was beginning to look like he wouldn't dominate again.

I didn't have sky in 1999 but they mentioned his US Open performance on TV the other day in that year. He won on 13 under par, the player in second place was 2 over :eek:

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