Tiger Woods(PC) Canada but not here?


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I have been waiting for TW 2002 to come out on PC. It is out on P2. When ordering a film from DVD Box Office in Canada I seen this game for the PC there.
This might sound daft but if I bought it would it play on mine(UK).
I know it sounds daft but I cant understand why it isnt here. Or have I never seen it here? If I can I will order it.



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You can play any PC game from any country. The states often get PC releases quicker. The only thing to bear in mind is online games/patches are often regonalised, so if you buy the US version you have to either play on US servers or download the US patches.


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TW2002 for the PC was cancelled for a UK release by EA due to to many bugs being discovered when it was released in the US.

Seems like they will be sorting these out and the UK will see TW2003 very soon on the PC (march 2003)

TW2002 on the PS2 is great, some very nice features and
plays superbly well.

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