Tiger Woods 14 Country Club

Man of Kent

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For fellow AVF members I've set up a country club in Tiger Woods PGA 14 - AVF 19th hole if anyone is interested


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It's still active as I joined today, I intend to stick with this years outing for TW. I think it has a lot of interesting game modes that give it a competitive edge, especially the connected tournaments.

From what I've played and seen so far the Country Clubs also make you feel like sticking your competitive head on as it constantly bombards you with weekly stats (most birdies, most GIR etc) of members.


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just joined the CC :smashin:


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Me too - 29 members now. Anyone set up a club tournament before? Does it use your custom golfer, so could be uneven, or does it handicap?

the club GM sets up private club tournaments, and can use your created golfer and no handicap from what I seen in my last club :( had players shooting -22 :facepalm:


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i`m enjoying it this year for a change :D live tournaments is good going to try that simulation mode sometime, but just know i`ll be 10 over after 3 holes :rotfl:


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i have a country club called the devils in tiger woods 14 on xbox 360 and would like members to join i will keep it going and make the game good

EA SPORTS | Tiger Woods Country Clubs

thats the club hope to see you in the club very soon

my xbox id is djtommi2k8 please add me so i know you want to be in the club

thanks for looking

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