Tidal vs Spotify (probably again)


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Morning folks-

I did a search and could to my surprise only find one thread on this... much to my surprise.

Anyway- I'm using a chromecast audio (which doesn't allow the top level master tidal stream to work).

So I'm using Tidal and Spotify back to back and I swear Tidal 320kbps is higher quality then Spotify 320kbps.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I'm objectively listening as trying to choose between the two services- I was an avid google play music fan and cant stand the YouTube music theyve move me over to-

I actually prefer the interface on spotify and listened to some stunning Jazz last night in it that I'd have never chosen myself.

But my ears are 100% telling me Tidal 320 (hifi) sounds better than Spotify.

Anyone else got any thoughts on this?


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Spotify on a Chromecast is AAC 256kbps, not 320kbps. You need a Spotify Connect device to get 320kbps.

Was discussed here


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Thanks- that explains the difference we can hear!

Would that be the same if we we using toslink and a DAC in the amp?

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I believe that it is the stream from Spotify to the chromecast that is restricted, so you will still get the inferior bitrate stream turning up at your DAC. There are a few threads here recommending using the spotty plug-in on Logitech media server as an alternative as that stream is at the higher bitrate via the chromecast bridge plug-in.

To be honest I found the differences between Tidal and Spotify very marginal and on a lot of music I couldn't tell the difference at all. So while I noticed a difference between Tidal and Spotify with Tidal winning out, sometimes, it was not enough to justify the switch. I find Spotify wins on convenience, but then I have been with them for a long time and invested time in playlist creation etc.

Shame about Google Play music. I did really like the ability to upload and mix your own music with Google's stream. That's another reason I use the Logitech media Server so I can create a queue of my local music and Spotify. I found Spotify's function of loading local files was a bit messy.


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Tell me about it. I've got so much personalised content for our family on play music- I'm going to have to manually recreate it all on whatever I choose between the two!

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