TIDAL launch new desktop app


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Have they enabled the remote app functionality for mobile. I asked them about it a few months ago and they said it was something they were looking into.

Being able to control music on my pc from my mobile is something that I really miss which Spotify got right.


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Doesn't appear so as of the last update (3rd June). Using the app just now and I can't see anything obvious or in the settings.

What's New
- Find concert tickets for your favorite artists on the artist pages
- Design changes to the TIDAL Rising and TIDAL Discovery pages
- Multiple bug fixes


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Still wondering if/when TIDAL will have the facility to play the forthcoming MQA streaming with a desktop app to decode....I have a chord DAC and am not keen to replace it with MQA encoded hardware. Anyone heard anything about a software version of MQA decoder plans for use with TIDAL?
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