Tidal blocks me on all my devices


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On my PC, on my Android cell phone, and on my Android tablet Tidal blocks me. It says I have been blocked because it saw me typing at superhuman speed or perhaps because there is a robot on my network. They have a link to contact support. If you click on it a white area pops up. You are supposed to write something there but when you do the letters do not become visible. Does anyone know a support email address for Tidal? Thanks.

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No offense, but perhaps it’s time to move over to Spotify or Apple Music instead of Tidal.

Both we’ll start to stream in hifi during the summer of 2021.

If you wanna still support Tidal, then you just type Tidal Support in your current browser.

Still I’ve never heard of the issues you are experiencing.

Good luck.


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Turn off Wi-Fi and use the phone cellular data to connect to the Internet. Now try to access Tidal. This will show if your Wi-Fi network is causing the issue.


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Tidal support is the worst - its why I gave up on them after 2 months. Went back to Spotify and was immediately reminded that Spotify's curation is so much better.


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if you are running any ad blockers turn them off. I couldnt access Tidal until i did that before realising Qobuz and Spotify were better anyway


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I would like to warn you about Tidal recent policy re upgrades,
I am using iPhone 6 Plus, I purchased 5 years ago and I am stuck with IOS 12.5. as Apple does not allow me to upgrade to a newer version.
Now I learnt that Tidal is not supporting this version of IOS any more - what it means is that Tidal is not allowing its loyal customers to continue using and paying for its service as long as they do not purchase a new phone!
I wonder where Tidal is getting money from - subscribers or Apple???
You have been warned,

I will quit your service in protest.

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