THX virgin - be gentle please..


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but how easy or complex is it to get into THX. I've got a Denon AVCA1 (upgraded from tomorrow) and a dedicated room with Panny PJ.
Currently have ES set-up with all main speakers bi-wired and a RelQ150 sub..
Is THX a worthy upgrade, what does it involve.? As in is it simply a case of changing speakers.
I am a real virgin when it comes to THX so please be gentle. I have some DVDs that say THX on the box so that's a start surely..:D

(that bit was a joke by the way)..;)

Phil Hinton

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I recently bought Boston 555X THX front three from Army Bloke, and also got a great deal on a PR of Boston Pro THX Dipoles. I use them with Two Rel Storms.

For movies they are very good(after a long time trying to get the Subs right) But with music they are RUBBISH!! And this is the case with all but Two THX Certified makes, The M&K 150s and the Kef Ref THX speakers.

To be honest with you unless you love music then THX cert speakers are an alright choice, However if you want to play music a lot I would stay away from THX, there are far more capable speakers out there that do Movies and Music equally well.


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THX certify everything from dvd players,amps thru to speakers, subs, cables, screens etc. In theory you´d have to have THX certified everything to have a true THX system.

As Phil has mentioned most THX speakers aren´t too good at music reproduction, movies sound great though.:) The M&K 150´s are superb and also superior to the Kef THX speakers for both.

Best thing is to go and have a listen, see what you think.:)


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thanks chaps. Guess I'll have to find somewhere to get a demo. I;m not fussed about music as I only have a mixture of DTS CDs and DVD-A (which is all but gone anyway) and with my DVD collection now touching 600, this is what I want it for..:)
I will seriously look into it anyway..I wonder if I can get a THX sticker for my Xbox..:D


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please explain your self ,the no good with music seems to be a in phrase what no body can kef s thx sound fine , i,ve tried celestion a1 a2 a3 and didn,t like, they all sounded a bit bland and no balls behind them, when you,ve heard thx speakers and sub working together it s a tour de force, and hi fi speakers sound a bit tame . the good thing about thx is that their so plain speakers and not a lot of money goes on making then look pretty. they are designed to work in left ,centre, right and sub at the front ,a lot of drivers for a big sound ...that is my own personal veiw on them

Phil Hinton

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I actually like the Kef THX with music. I guess the fact that THX speakers are more movie based then music makes them sound quite poor with two channel stuff.

It's hard to explain, and maybe someone like Uncle Eric could give you a more tech answer, but I feel the limited high and low dispertion of these speakers add some what to there bland music sound, although like I have said the M&K and Kefs sound dahm good with music.


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I have owned an entire Kef THX package but have replaced the front three with Kef 202c center and the (soon to arrive) Kef 203 main l+r.
My thoughts on the THX speakers with music was (unfortunately) that they were pretty awful really by their inherent design, height of the stereo image was non-existant and indeed there was no depth to the image either, they are as stated DESIGNED to work purely as a coherent front 3 speakers rather than a stereo pair with a center.
This is not in any way a detraction of the Kef speakers they are indeed competent HC performers (i still use AND love my 34ds's),
but i have had similar conversations with a friend with £2000 burning a hole in his pocket and convinced he wants me to tell him to buy the Kef package.
By all means buy the Kef THX package but understand what it is and is NOT designed to do.
I am an advocate of the THX program and believe to a greater extent that it does exactly what it says on the box, but the absolute truth is that high fidelity music prgram play back is not on the box.

£800 spent on a different front stereo pair would reap great improvements in stereo ply back etc if that is your main criterea/mandate.


Active Member have a good (if a few years old) interview with Ken Kreisel of Miller & Kreisel (M&K) at, as well as a review of the M&K S150 THX speakers (, which both offer useful insight into the philosophy behind THX certification. I found it fascinating.

For one thing it says THX certification does not guarantee quality - there are plenty of poorly-designed THX systems out there - but a well-designed one should sound just right with minimal calibration/tweaking.



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