THX Ultra 2 version of Tag AV32R - what do we know?


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What do we know about the likely price and abilities of the forthcoming THX Ultra 2 version of the AV32R (with the twin SHARCs, I think)? When's it supposed to be out?


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No, there is also an upgrade to the AV32R too. It will add a few of the AV192R features (that dont require the larger case).

I think its meant to be available around spring time and judging by how much extra the AV192R costs i reckon this 'upgrade' will be a reasonable amount too.

I'd ask on the Tag forum if you really want to know, but i dont think any prices have been mentioned. If you go through the threads about the AV192R pricing you could probably work out how much the upgraded AV32R will be.

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