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steve k

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Hi Pep's

Can anyone tell me what difference is between thx speakers and normal ones, its just that I'm in the market for some new speakers :confused:

Ian J

The biggest difference is in the price as THX have to be paid royalties everytime their logo is stuck on an item of equipment.

THX is mainly a set of standards and whilst they may be useful in amplifiers they are considerably less so in speakers and so I wouldn't worry about it.

Most manufacturers don't bother submitting their equipment for THX approval as the logo has been devalued so much by trying to stick it on anything so decide your budget and what type of speakers you want and we will throw some ideas into the ring for you to demo (sorry Nimby but it's another mixed metaphor)


If the speakers have the THX badge it means that they have at least reached the minimum specs set by THX. If they don't have the THX badge this does not however mean that they do not reach those specs, but it does normally mean they will be cheaper.
I would therefore agree with Ian J and say don't worry about THX. If the speakers you like after demos do have THX certification then great. If they don't well so what, you have probably saved a bit of money.


steve k

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Thanks for the info that definately save me some money seeing as i'v got to get some speakers and a new dvd

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