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Hello guys, I have just bought a thx amp and well i have all the other speakers fronts rears etc now need 2 "side" speakers

I have kef fronts bose rears and velo sub i have a budget of £200 which has also got to include a good centre.

How important are the "side" speakers in the 7.1 thing.

could anyone tell me the ins and outs would be greatful.


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"Sides" are far more important than the rears actually. The sides are in constant use, they're what Surround Sound (as we know it) thrives on. The rear channels only come into play with EX/ES-encoded soundracks, and I would doubt those soundtracks are available on anymore than 15% of DVDs Of course, if multi-channel music is a big thing for you, different story. In all likelihood, it'll remain that way - EX/ES never really took off in the way the industry perhaps would have liked, maybe because the public as a whole said "OK, we can live with a couple of speakers on the wall, but now you're asking us to add even more behind us?"

Actually, unless you have a dedicated listening environment, it's pretty hard to accomodate a 7-speaker setup in your average UK living room, and to be honest, I don't think you really get the benefit of 7 speakers UNLESS you have a larger than normal room - acoustically speaking, you really don't want to the (stereo) side-surrounds too close to the (mono) rear channel because it can really muddle the surround effect the sides produce.

Even if that isn't a concern, I would also note that from practical experience, I've found you can offset any "hole" caused by the absence of rear speakers in a 5.1 setup by positioning the side surrounds a little further back than prototypical 7-speaker position of exactly parallel to the listening position, and if your side surrounds happen to be dipoles, the gap becomes even smaller: you have to listen pretty damn hard to hear any difference from it and a full 7 speaker lineup. I would argue that if you're having to do that (i.e. TRY to find the difference), you can take that as a sign that you've achieved the desired effect.


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fantasic thank you for your reply.
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