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Mrs Brethy here I've noticed a few posts mention THX set up on DVD's please could anyone tell me exactly what this is and give any examples of a DVD with this on. Is it a calibration tool for sound only or does it also do picture levels eg contrast etc. Any advice would be gratefully received.:D

The Terminator 2 DVD has the THX setup.

It has simple tests for sound level and phase, as well as contrast, brightness and tint settings for video. You need a blue filter for the tint settings, which doesn't come with the DVD.
Thanks for the reply Amos we've only got T3 does this have it on, also a totally thick question but what is a blue filter and how does this work in conjunction with the plasma (42PD5000 by the way). Sorry to ask but I am only a girlie:D
I don't think it's on T3 :confused:

Check Disney/Pixar movies or any Star Wars ones if you have them.

You can get blue filter glasses here
Thanks Vonhosen I'll check toy story/s and monsters inc, not too sure about the glasses though I bet I'd look bonny in them:eek:

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