THX setup v' standard setup?



I have been looking at buying some speakers (for upto £1200) to go with my pioneer vsx-ax4si reciever, and was just wondering on peoples opinion on this matter as i have never personaly heard a THX system setup, and have not heard enough opinions on them for me to put my hard earned cash in buying into it.


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THX is mainly a quality control system, it was designed to accurately reproduce the sound of a movie as close as possible at diffferent cinemas exactly as the mixing engineer intended.
Its not a guarantee that the speakers will be any good, its just a guide line as to the design, build quality and set up of the equipment.
I use the kef thx speakers with my pioneer ax5i and I am very pleased with it,the m&k thx speakers are very good also, but you can get non thx badged equipment that will surpass them. Don`t be put of buying speakers that are not thx


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THX is only a specification. A system that is not THX certified could sound much better than one that isn't - only they haven't been arsed to get it certified and pay money to Lucas.

Ian J

Great store used to be placed upon speakers and amps being THX certified ten years ago but no-one bothers any more as it's deemed by most manufacturers to be a waste of a royalty fee.


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Save yourself some money,buy the SVS SB01 5.0 system and a suitable SVS sub(which one depends on your room size) they will match very well with your AX4.

Speakers around £500 and sub between £400-£800 depending which model and finish you go for.

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