THX Opimizer and Denon 2802 question??


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Hi guys

I'm a little confused with the plethora of settings on the Denon 2802, I really wish it didn't have so many..gggrrrrr :)

The question is why when I put in my R2 Pearl Harbour DVD and run the Lucasfilm THX Optimizer thingy I have two things happening. Each speaker becomes active when it is supposed to but I also get sound coming from the sub as well. And secondly when it comes to testing the sub do I get NO sound coming out at all.

All is fine when I check the test tones direct from the amp including the sub.

I have a Sony DVD player connected using digi-coax and my speakers are Mission FS2AV.

Any insight greatly appreciated, as after reading the manual I think I have less of an idea than when i started.




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Do you by any chance have the speakers set to "small" on the amp and "all bass to sub"???

I suspect that what is happening, is that when the amp receives the test tone signal from the DVD, whilst it recognises the fact that the tone is for FR, SL, C etc, it also recognises that there is a certain element of "bass" to the sound, thus it redirects certain frequencies to the sub - the amp is taking the signal you send to it, and dealing with it as it as it is set up to This is unlike the amp's own test tones which send a signal to the relevant speaker, and that speaker only. If you set the speakers to "large " on the amp I'm sure you'll find that it doesn't happen...

Not entirely sure why you're not getting any sound from the sub when using THX Optimizer I must admit - are you sure it's definitely not there and not simply very quiet?? I know with my setup the sub test tone's are a huge amount quieter than the main speaker one's and I have to turn my sub nearly all the way up...???

Hope this helps...


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