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Does anyone know anything about the Marantz MA6100 monoblock power amp? The specs are;

Mono power amp with D-Bus
THX Ultra certified
125W power output RMS
Current converstion noise -
Eliminator * Remote operation
Video sensor signal
Colour - Black

For £180 this does not seem bad, unless it is a scrappy bag of knackers!


I know of some marantz blocks, though i think they are a different model. To my recollection they were reviewed reasonably well, but that was with the proviso that theywere for thx cinema type use and not for music......



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Here are the full Marantz specs;

THX Ultra certified; designed and engineered to the very highest standards for the finest surround sound experience
Ultra-narrow monaural amplifier, just 85mm wide, permits compact side-by-side arrangement for neat space-saving set-up in smaller living rooms
High power output delivers a huge 125W (RMS into 8ohms), rising to a powerful 180W into demanding 4ohm loudspeakers
Current Conversion Noise Eliminator (CCNE) eliminates rectifier noise and preserves high frequency fidelity

Number of inputs : 1
Gold cinch : all
Speaker terminals : 1 x screw type

RMS power into 8/4 ohms : 125 W/ 180W
DIN power into 8/4 ohms : n/a
IHF dynamic power into 8/4 ohms : n/a
Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.02 %
Damping factor : 60
Signal-to-noise CD/Phono (MM/MC) : 110 dB/ n.a.
Frequency range : 10-70k Hz
Channel separation (1kHz/10kHz) : n/a

power-switched by trigger, BTL possibility, invert output

Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D) : 88 x 146 x 470 mm
Weight : 5.7kg

Any views?

Paul Smith

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I believe the Marantz MA6100 monoblocs are just re-styled MA500 's, this is to bring them in line with Marantz's current range of styling.
The MA500 monoblocs were a long running well regarded design and I should think that the MA6100 will be very similar.
(just do a search on MA500 and you should find a few reviews).
I hope this helps,

(a previous MA500 owner)


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Thanks, I was thinking of picking about 7 of these rather than opting for a single multi-channel power amp, as the price seems quite reasonable.

General Skanky

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The original blocks were reviewed in a HCC supplement a year or two ago. They came out ok. At £180 a go I'd be interested for sure.

But think of it like this, 1 x Rotel 1075 amp = £800, I think, or 5 x Marantz = £900. I'd go Rotel unless you're adding as and when budget allows.


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I looked at the Rotel and the limited number of channels is disapointing. A dealer told me that Rotel had a new model in the pipeline, but I have not seen anything about it yet. I think I will go for the monoblocks as the price is quite tempting and upgrading to 10.1 should not be a problem (except the paying for it bit!!!).


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Where have you seen them for £180.

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