THX Electronics, Non-THX Speakers, What Settings?


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Aug 14, 2002
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I now have an RMB-1075 THX Power amp and a Marantz AV9000 THX Processor, my speakers are from the Paradigm range in form of the Esprit Fronts (bass extension 23Hz), the CC350 centre (bass extension 50Hz).

When setting up the speakers for the Marantz processor it has options for THX/Small or Large, the manual says you should use the "Large" option if you have non-THX speakers but only if you're speakers can handle low frequencies below 80Hz which mine do.

The problem is this, if I set my speakers to the "THX/Small" option the sound is fantastic yes but the ASW675 sub handles all the bass. If I choose the "Large" option the bass seems to be weaker but still I get a great sound overall so what is the recommendation in this situation, THX/Small or Large?

Once again both settings offer the same quality of sound, it's just the bass that's different between them with the THX/Small setting offering more prominent bass.

Personally, I´d stick with the THX/Small for all speakers and bass to sub. Though if you prefer the sound of speakers set to large then stick with that, its down to personal preference. Or try the Front main Left Right set to Large all others to small.

Play with different settings and choose what you think sounds best.:)

Hi Jase, I just tried setting the centre and rears to small but the fronts to Large and it's done the trick. The bass seems spot on now and the overall midrange has improved, thanks for that.

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