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Hi there,

I have choosen marantz 9200 receiver as my amp to go with my marantz 8300 dvd player. As i am new to home cinema and want to build a system around THX sound system I would really appreciate your thoughts on my combo.

I like to use them as my music as well as my movies. I like to crank the volume up and have a wide range of cd's from classical to hip hop.


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Hi - I've already answered your question on the hifichoice forum - here's a cut and paste of what I said:

Your choice of DVD player and amp look fine to me but I'd also grab a listen to a Denon A1SR if you can. It might also be worth investigating the processor + power amp route - something like the Rotel RSP1066 plus the 5 channel RMB1075 and 2 channel RB1070.

The KEF THX speaker package is very good indeed, although you'd be looking at two pairs of 34DS dipoles (or one pair of 34DS and a pair of RDM1's) for a 7.1 system. The only caveat is that they (specifically the 23F's) are not particularly good in a stereo role - this is not a fault - they are THX speakers and designed to work as part of a front three - they are not supposed to image well in stereo. One might also argue that the 45B sub, whilst being great at bashing out the low stuff for movies, is not a hugely accomplished sub for subtle musical duties.

One THX (Select) package that is a lot better in stereo (although still not as good as a dedicated pair of hifi speakers IMO) is the M&K 750 THX select package - that's a 750 left, right and centre and a pari of Surround 550's for the rear - you could add a pair of Surround 55 tripoles for 7.1 and use these as the surrounds with the 550's as the surround backs. The sub in that package (1250THX) isn't bad at all but you might want to consider one of M&K's push-pull models or something suitable from REL or Velodyne.

If stereo is really important to you then I would generally tend to stay away from THX for the speakers. I would look to something like the M&K S85's - very good in stereo, superb for movies. You could use 5 or 7 of them all round or incorporate a pair of the tripole equivalents (SS150). The S85's are even available as in-wall versions if you want to be ultra discrete. The S85's aren't cheap at around £400 each but they are quality speakers - you could spend less and go for the M&K K series but, although very good, they aren't in the same league as the S85's.

Subwoofer wise, there is no need to use one from the same manufacturer as the main speakers so look at the likes of REL's Storm III, Velodyne's CHT15 and M&K's MX125/MX150. You could even look at the likes of Paradigm's Servo 15 (bit of a bargain at £499 from Richer Sounds) if you can find one but take the 3 year warranty as a few people have had problems with them.

Hope this helps,


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