THX 500 Series & Pioneer AX3 problem



Hi All,

Been following htese forums with great interest and my first post is HELP!!

I recently purchased the M&S THX500 Series all wired up to my AX3 no problem...

I then wired up the THX 500 series sub's 2 built into the 502's one from the amp to the input then loop from the output to the input...

But nothing!?!?

Has anyone got any ideas or has either the same set up or same amp speakers that could shed some light on this.

I have even put it back to the original set up and still no BASS!

Ed Selley

Hi-Fi Editor
It should go amp out to sub line in of the left unit then out the left into the right. Much sure that the crossover on the back of the speakers are set all the way up (200hz or so) then set the crossover on the AX3 to 80hz or so. Also make sure- and I'm sorry this is patronising but they are the questions I ask for THX owners;

Are the subs plugged and on?
Are the switches set fully on and not on auto- I've found the Pioneer doesn't normally send enough juice to kick it into life.
Have you set the Pioneer menu correctly- Sub to on ("plus" if you want to have subs with Pro-Logic II) with the crossover set correctly?

PM me a contact no if problems persist and I'll try and troubleshoot through it. Thankfully I'm an AX3 owner as well.

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