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Discussion in 'Members DIY Home Cinema Showcases' started by Thunder, Apr 26, 2005.

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    Feb 26, 2004
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    This is my system as it stands :) It includes the following;
    -Barco Graphics 808s Projector
    -Lumagen Vision HDP Scaler
    -Tag Mclaren DVD32R DVD player
    -Tag Mclaren AV32RDP Processor
    -Tag Mclaren 250MR Monoblocs driving L+R
    -Parasound HCA2205A 5CH Amp driving C,SR,SL,SBR,SBL
    -2xMission 783, 3xMission 752F, 2xMission750LE
    -SVS PB12Plus2 subwoofer
    -Pioneer DTR100 Freeview
    -Ellie 7' 1.25 gain fixed screen
    -QED Speaker cables
    -Mark Grant Audio and Video Interconnects
    -Auralex Studio Foam acoustic treatment
    -Joytech 7" LCD monitor
    -Marantz RC5000 remote/Keene IR distribution system
    -Projector Setup by [email protected] projectors
    -ISF calibration by [email protected] AV
    -TMREQ calibration by Barry and Ian formerly of Tag Mclaren Audio

    The room was put together by myself over a period of time. Its a converted upstairs bedroom :) The room conversion was quite easy, I have a floating floor to help stop vibrations and sound transmission. This was done by laying a layer of thermal/sound insulation tiles and then laying Gyproc soundblock boards on top of this and finally a layer of black carpet :) All the speakers and sub are mounted on concrete slabs covered in carpet. All this really does reduce vibrations down to a good level :smashin: I mounted the PJ myself and also built my hifi cabinet myself to fit the components I have. The AV hub pictured connects the system to my PC downstairs to allow easy software updating and TagMclaren room EQ operations :D The Auralex around the screen isn't totally finished and should eventually surround the entire screen. All furniture and poster frames were from Ikea. As with all home cinema nuts my room will always be a work in progress :D

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  2. Riva

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Sytem looks fantasticThuders!! Nice job.

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