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I've been reading a few reviews of the slowly emerging Thunderbolt external drives and I was surprised to read that the Pegasus R6 HDD based RAID unit is significantly faster than the LaCie SSD Little Big Disk.

How is this possible when SSDs are supposed to be X times faster than HDDs etc..?

I know that striping HDDs in a RAID significantly improves their read/write performance, but the two SDDs in the LaCie unit are striped so once again I ask the question, how can the Pegasus be faster?


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Crappy SSD controller hardware, I guess.

EDIT: or perhaps crappy Thunderbolt interface hardware.
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Crappy SSD controller hardware, I guess.
I really hope so, otherwise what's the point of SSDs? It doesn't help the poor souls that drop $900 on a 240GB drive to find that for not much more they could have 12TB of considerably faster storage!?!?!

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