Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (Second Sight)


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Dec 10, 2005
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Wow, this is like when DVD first come out -absolute classic film.

There's been a HD transfer kicking around from MGM for a few years so I hope Second Sight get the very best source and they can cough up some extras.

Their Facetube page /
Great news! My favourite Cimino film.

Can retire the crummy old DVD at last.
"Hey, kid. Go **** a duck!" :laugh:
Love this film, very watchable and entertaining movie.
Iam in!!!
United Artists knew that because Cimino brought this in on time and under budget he had no reason to so royally **** them in the way he did with Heaven's Gate.
Love this film, really hoping for a good transfer.
Id really like to see this one again. I remember the downbeat ending very well - it put me off watching it again years ago :(

Yep, first time I watched it as a kid I thought it was a bit of a bummer however I watched The Cannonball Run for the first time immediately afterwards which certainly cheered me up :)
Superb, underrated film. Very funny and quite moving at the end. Quite a brave vehicle for 'ladies man' and all-round tough guy, Clint.
I remember almost nothing about this film except for the ending but when I last watched back in the 80's I remember enjoying it.
Good grief the younger Clint makes me question life choices he really does.

Be all over this like a bad suit when it's out. So to speak.
The print showing on Netflix UK at the moment, looks pretty good. That, with BD bitrates and I think we're golden.
Thanks for that although I'm still going to wait for the UK release and save on cash.
has there been any news on an European release let alone an uk one?
Second Sight said recently that an announcement is due any time now...
Great film and the Second sight release will save quite a few £ over the TT release.
Yes, will avoid TT at all costs as they're all fur coat and no knickers.
Review of the US disc here

Not heard a peep from the UK.
They mentioned on FB over a fortnight ago that there was going to be an announcement about this 'in the next couple of weeks' - still nothing!

Edit- word is now....Summer 2014!!
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Any film with George Kennedy playing a mean SOB is worth watching and he don't get much meaner than in this, Jeff Bridges does his best to wind him up though.

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