Thunderball - Bond 50 Box Set Blu-ray Review

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“You've only got four days, 007. So don't spend your time sitting around!”

If Moonraker was the one in space, OHMSS was the one in the snow, Quantum of Solace was the Jason Bourne copycat, and A View To A Kill was the naff one, then Thunderball was, unmistakeably, the wet one. Sean Connery's fourth outing as England's finest government sanctioned hit-man-cum-womaniser was set predominantly in, on or above the sea. With SPECTRE's latest madman unleashed with a truly world-threatening scheme, the superpowers on the brink of meltdown and Bond's much-needed sojourn to a health spa violently curtailed, it is time to batten down the hatches, take a deep breath and dive into some of the most elaborate set-pieces and inventive action in the series so far.

Already heading into troubled water, the filmed version of Thunderball was controversial in that Ian...

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I though the picture was not that great till Bond left these shores there a quite a few blotches in the bomber outdoor scenes and there's places where there a scratch right up the middle of the picture.
I don't know if they used a different film for the UK shots but seems to lack a crispness or contrast that even the earlier films had.
Coming after viewing Goldfinger I though most of the characters were bland the only one that came across any good was Volpe and came across a better foil for Bond than Largo.
The end in the boat did not speeding up and just made the scenes ridiculous.

It was not a bad film but I never though any of the Connery tenure equaled FRWL or Goldfinger, just like nothing for me ever capped Rogers outing in TSWLM.

Id have given it a score of 7
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